01 April 2008

I am the April Fool

Yes, for about 20 seconds this morning I was fooled by the fake story on BBC Breakfast. They said "if you enjoy programmes like Blue Planet, take a look at this startling footage from the new BBC nature series being filmed. On a remote island of Antarctica, our crew has captured the first recording of a species of penguin that can fly".

And then there was some really good footage of penguins taking off from a bit of ice and soaring around and I thought "wow! so people will start saying 'actually penguins CAN fly, and we've been wrong all these years'". But after a minute I realised that the penguins were far too fat and their wings far too stubby for them to be flying around like that, they weren't even just fluttering from rock to rock, they were really going for it.

And then I realised what day it was and felt stupid. Clearly the footage is of them swimming, and they've just superimposed them over a landscape.

No, penguins cannot fly, and I shall have to cancel the "actually penguins CAN fly so there" t-shirt I had rushed to order. Damn.
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