12 September 2007

Woo hooooooooooo!

I got the job! They didn’t keep me waiting long, they let me know at about 11am this morning. I’m so pleased! And a bit scared, but I’m always scared of change.

I’m also feeling a bit guilty about ditching my team, especially as my manager only just left last week. Between the two of us we kept quite a lot of things running smoothly, so there’ll be quite a big hole now! Oh well, if it all falls apart I suppose it won’t be my problem any more. Still feel a bit bad though.

But anyway, woo hoo for me! I am now going to be a Website and Learning Technologies Developer, sounds swish doesn’t it? Assuming I don’t get crappy references and they withdraw the offer.

10 September 2007

Bit nervous

I’ve got a job interview tomorrow, and I’m getting quite nervous now. It’s for a web job and I really want it. I’m quite fed up with my current job now, and that just makes me want it even more!

I’m not sure if anyone from work reads this actually, not many of them know I’m going for an interview. Ah well, if they do read it it’ll save me telling them I suppose!

Anyway, interview is at 11.15, so anyone who reads this between now and then: think happy thoughts!


Well I’ve got my new glasses now, and they seem alright. I’m glad I spent a bit on them, because at least I’m more likely to wear them if they look nice. The last pair I got (5 years ago) were cheap and nasty, and so I only wore them for a couple of months. Waste of money really.

I have also tried out wearing my contacts to go clubbing, and was pleasantly surprised. Although I first thought “well this is pointless, it’s almost dark in here anyway”, I realised after a while that people dancing on podiums etc were actually a lot clearer and more detailed. Which, again, was good for checking out who was nice looking and deserved a second look. I think I had just got used to people far away looking smudgy.

I think I am turning into quite a letch as I get older. I seem to spend quite a bit of my free time on Boy Appreciation (that’s an activity, not a website or anything. Actually, maybe that SHOULD be a website...) Not that I ever talk to any of them of course, I just appreciate from afar, so I guess it’s fairly harmless. If a little pervy.

02 September 2007

Artificially enhanced humanoid

After 5 years I finally went to the opticians yesterday to get some new glasses. I’ve had glasses for 5 years, but only wore them on and off for 6 months and then put them in a drawer.

So anyway, I’ve now paid an extortionate amount of money for new glasses (apparently you aren’t allowed to have nice glasses without paying lots for them. No wonder poor people always look so ugly) and I am also trying contact lenses. I have a trial pair in at the moment. It’s a bizarre sensation, I can feel my vision has been externally altered but there are no glasses there.

I have already found one significant advantage though: when walking along the seafront looking for hot boys I can now spot them from much further away and scrutinise them in much greater detail once they get nearer. It’s highly enjoyable.

01 September 2007

Window to weight gain

Well, I have spent a whole week now deliberately eating more in an effort to put some weight on. I feel so FULL all the time. I’m basically eating every hour now, whether it’s a cereal bar or a milkshake or another ceral bar or some crisps or an apple or my lunch or my dinner.

To be honest, I’m not sure it’s going to make all that much difference. I’m eating pretty much as much as I can and it isn’t that much more than I was eating before, given that I’ve always been a greedy bastard.

We shall have to wait and see (I almost put ‘weight and see’ then, boom boom!). Maybe I’ll be a buff, bronzed adonis in a couple of weeks. Or a skinny wretch with a pot belly.