02 September 2007

Artificially enhanced humanoid

After 5 years I finally went to the opticians yesterday to get some new glasses. I’ve had glasses for 5 years, but only wore them on and off for 6 months and then put them in a drawer.

So anyway, I’ve now paid an extortionate amount of money for new glasses (apparently you aren’t allowed to have nice glasses without paying lots for them. No wonder poor people always look so ugly) and I am also trying contact lenses. I have a trial pair in at the moment. It’s a bizarre sensation, I can feel my vision has been externally altered but there are no glasses there.

I have already found one significant advantage though: when walking along the seafront looking for hot boys I can now spot them from much further away and scrutinise them in much greater detail once they get nearer. It’s highly enjoyable.

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