10 September 2007


Well I’ve got my new glasses now, and they seem alright. I’m glad I spent a bit on them, because at least I’m more likely to wear them if they look nice. The last pair I got (5 years ago) were cheap and nasty, and so I only wore them for a couple of months. Waste of money really.

I have also tried out wearing my contacts to go clubbing, and was pleasantly surprised. Although I first thought “well this is pointless, it’s almost dark in here anyway”, I realised after a while that people dancing on podiums etc were actually a lot clearer and more detailed. Which, again, was good for checking out who was nice looking and deserved a second look. I think I had just got used to people far away looking smudgy.

I think I am turning into quite a letch as I get older. I seem to spend quite a bit of my free time on Boy Appreciation (that’s an activity, not a website or anything. Actually, maybe that SHOULD be a website...) Not that I ever talk to any of them of course, I just appreciate from afar, so I guess it’s fairly harmless. If a little pervy.

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