17 January 2008

Torchwood is just the gayest thing

I haven't really watched Torchwood before, but we were channel-hopping last night and found that Spike from Buffy was in it. I've always found him rather hot, so we carried on watching, and within five minutes John Barrowman was snogging the face off him! Where did that come from?? I know John Barrowman is gay, but when did they make whatever his character is called (Captain Jack Hackett or something) a homo too?

Apparently he and Spike had spent five years together in a time loop where they basically just knobbed each other senseless.

And then a short while later in the programme, Captain Jack was making a pass at this office type man.

I'm going to take a wild guess here and assume Russell T Davies writes Torchwood. All he seems to do is write scenes he'd love to toss himself off to and then make actors act them out! Shocking, but I'm not complaining as it was nice to see Spike in some man-on-man action.

10 January 2008


They have made a student boy take his top off in the seminar room opposite today! And now a consultanty-looking man has laid him on a bed and is moving his legs around in a vaguely sexual physiotherapy kind of way. There is also a rather cute, slightly bored looking boy who is watching them and trying to stifle yawns behind his hand.

Topless boy has got quite a nice chest actually, although my view is now obscured by him laying on a bed. He'll have to stand up sometime...

And to think I grumbled to myself about not having an exterior window when I started this job!

Update: Actually he had a really good chest when he stood up, but was a bit of a butter face. I'm not complaining though...

Second update: And now they've made another one take his top off! The first one has gone away now. Are they just having a topless student fashion parade or something? This one is less of a butter face but is less muscled. And they're making him stand there for AGES! Hahaha, I'm having such a fun afternoon.

08 January 2008

The students are back...

... so I now have something to look at in the seminar room opposite, hooray! So what are they up to today... Apparently wearing shocking pink tops and being taught by a woman who looks like Silent Witness lady. There is a boy who looks quite cute from the back, but I make a point of never judging people by the back of their head, it's far too dangerous a game to play.

04 January 2008

Spice Up Your Life

I saw the Spice Girls at the O2 last night and they were AMAZING. They sang all their best songs, and performed for much longer than I was expecting, about an hour and three quarters I think. Once I had got over the initial vertigo of the O2 arena I had a thoroughly good time.

I have decided my favourite is still Baby Spice for being the cutest, but I also quite like Posh just for her sheer pointlessness. She hardly sang, and instead of doing a solo number like the other four (because she clearly can't sing unsupported), she just strutted up and down in a dress and flapped it around a bit. Does she not realise quite how pointless that makes her look?? Her oblivious state of mind is truly awesome...

Thanks to our generous benefactors who made going to a concert that is way out of our price league possible, *mwah*. Oh, and for bringing cheerios to snack on, that was nice too.

02 January 2008

New Year's badness

I spent midnight on New Year's Eve on my own, with my head in the toilet, spewing my guts up and practically crying because I was so drunk. Not my finest hour, or my finest New Year's Eve I have to say.

New Year's Resolution: to remember that 2 cocktails, 2 glasses of champagne, a shot of Dooley's, 4 vodka and cokes, and 3 large shots of Tuaca is TOO FUCKING MUCH YOU IDIOT.

I'm not going to say "I'm giving up drinking", because I think that would be naive and will clearly never happen. However I must MUST have more self-control in future. It's only now, 30 hours after my last drink, that I'm feeling normal again. New Year's Day was a complete write-off.

On the brighter side, I'm going to see the Spice Girls in concert tomorrow at the O2, woo! Someone pass me a drink.