21 December 2007

Jewellery jewellery jewellery

Oh my god I'm SO annoyed with the jewellery company I've bought my Mum's Christmas present from (Pia Jewellery, burn in hell). I ordered her the earrings she wanted on 4 December, that's 17 days ago, and they still haven't even dispatched them! I've rung them SO many times to say "look, it's a Christmas present, is it going to be here in time?" and every time they say yes yes they've just had a backlog of orders but it's going out very soon and will definitely be here the week before Christmas.

Er, no! It's Friday now and you've still not sent the bloody things! And so I ring them up AGAIN last night and say "er what are you doing" and they said they are POSTING them first class today. POST?? Who POSTS things two working days before Christmas and actually expects them to get there?? That's ridiculous! And I'm not even confident they're actually going to post them today just because they've said they will.

So now I've got to tell Mum she might have no present from me on Christmas Day, and she'll give me that reproachful look of perhaps you should have ordered them earlier. You chose the bloody earrings, I thought I was getting the easy option of just buying something off the internet and not having to trawl round the shops!

I'm now going to write a strongly worded letter. It will do no good at all of course, but I've got nothing better to do with my time and I feel like kicking up a fuss.

20 December 2007

To bitch or not to bitch

I just spent a little while clicking on the 'Next Blog' link that you get at the top of this page, just to see what sort of thing other people post on their blogs. My god there is some random rubbish on here! Some people just post photos, which is fine, but one person posts a daily picture of their tigger doll. What the hell is that?? There are lots of made-up blogs that try to get you to go to porn sites, some random ones that are just gibberish, and one lady who has posted her entire shopping list including how much she saved with her coupons.

All in all, there were actually very few blogs from people just posting about what they've been doing, what interests them, and those sorts of normal things.

It started me thinking about what I write on here, and what I'd like to write on here. Sometimes I would really like to have a good bitch about people who have annoyed me, but then I encounter a problem. Because I've syndicated my blog with my facebook profile, I'm linked to practically everyone I know on facebook and so they can find their way to my blog. I don't actually want to upset anyone, even if I bitch about someone it doesn't mean I don't like them, it just means I'm annoyed. So then it means I end up not writing about anyone I know on here, in case they read it...

So either: I bite the bullet and just write what I think, on the assumption they'll never see it and if they do, tough luck. Or I keep my blog abstract and about people I don't really know or work with. Hmm, what to do what to do...

17 December 2007

In your face, Welshy

I am SO pleased that Rhydian didn't win X-Factor! Obviously I would have preferred it if Same Difference had won, they are just so happy and cheesey, but at the same time I knew they never could. I'm surprised they got as far as coming third actually. But who else actually flew around the stage on bits of string?? That definitely deserved some credit.

Once it was down to Rhydian and Leon I thought oh no he's going to win now, even to the point where I voted for Leon just to try and prevent it. And it worked! I couldn't bear the thought of that albino twat being on the radio all the time, even the gappy-toothed Scottish midget is better than that. And although Rhydian was mostly big smiles and congratulations, there was one moment when he was in the background that he did NOT look happy! Good...

I've read today that people are complaining they tried to vote for Rhydian and couldn't get through for an hour. Yeah whatever, that's just sour grapes. If you live in Wales, you can expect to have a crappy phone network, nobody wants to ring anyone in Wales anyway so what's the point in having a good one?

So now Rhydian can be consigned to the dustbin of oblivion that is the 'X-Factor Tour', Leon can have two singles then get dropped, and I can look forward to Same Difference coming to do a gig at Revenge!

13 December 2007

The Proof...

... were actually really good! But oh my god I am so tired now, I don't know quite how I made it in to work.

They sang about six songs, stuff like My Girl and Valerie and some others, and had surprisingly good voices. It wasn't packed in there, enough people for it not to be too shameful, but it was much busier when it was Eton Road. One of them, the best-looking one with the shaved head, seemed to be obsessed with having his microphone turned up. He asked about four times until his was clearly much louder than everyone else's, which made him look a bit self-centred!

In the end I only got about 3 hours sleep, and now I'm really feeling rough. I don't know how I'm supposed to be going out for another Christmas meal with drinking and dancing tonight. Actually, yes I do know. The plan is that I'll try to leave work early today, I'll have a nice sleep, and then I will have limited alcohol intake this evening as I'll clearly still be recovering from yesterday. Hopefully I'll be able to make it in tomorrow in not too bad a state. My poor liver must hate me.

11 December 2007

Reverse management

This afternoon I've got to go back to my old job in order to train the replacement for my old manager on how to do their job. How stupid is that? I shouldn't be training them to do their job even if I still worked there, let alone six weeks after I left! It's just typical of their chronic ineptitude though, I'm surprised the office hasn't burnt down since I left. Oh well, I get an afternoon out of the office I suppose and I doubt I'll finish in time to come back to work here.

I am well looking forward to Christmas now. This week is a Christmas party overload. I've got a Christmas lunch tomorrow followed probably by pub, and then clubbing in the evening (I'll come back to this bit), then a Christmas dinner on Thursday with my old job, then a Christmas office party on Friday, then a Christmas dinner with friends on Friday night. I'm going to be such a fat bastard, I'll have to start running to work or something.

Oo yes, and Wednesday night should be very exciting as we are planning to go and see Futureproof perform! Sure, they are a slung-together boyband who only came about 7th on X-Factor, but we like tacky crap and baby they are it. And the beauty of boybands is that you get to judge them and pick the one you think is most attractive as your favourite while dismissing the rest for bad teeth/bad hair/lopsided squashed face.

04 December 2007

Oo hang on

Claw-hand lady (as she shall henceforth be called) has now swapped her disinterested young ladies for two boys. One of them is quite nice, I like his highlights. She’s still doing the claw hand, I can’t quite figure out why. Perhaps she has read the best-selling ‘Make friends and influence people by doing a claw hand’.

Blond highlights is nodding and trying to look intelligent.

Things are looking up at last.

Damn I jinxed it

It seems that having discussed on here that I spend my days watching attractive male nurses doing interesting things in the seminar room opposite, I have immediately ruined it. Since last week there has been a distinct lack of anything exciting happening in there, let alone it being carried out by nice boys with good hair. At the moment there is a rather sour-looking blonde woman doing an odd claw-hand mime to two girls who are feigning interest, and that's the most stimulating thing I've seen since Thursday. This is rather a shame as it was my main source of amusement. I might email room bookings and ask them to move some more classes in there, particularly the ones with above-average 19 year-olds. I'm sure that's the kind of information they gather on their seminar groups.

03 December 2007

Start the week as you mean to go on

Oh my god I'm SO annoyed! I hate the bus so much, no wonder nobody wants to take public transport and just wants to drive everywhere in their comfy cars. 50 minutes it took me to get to work today, 50! And it's only a 10-15 minute drive. Admittedly, it was partly my bad decision-making that helped make me so late, but I still choose to blame the buses. The stupid live update sign things that tell you how long you've got to wait just lie to you, trick you into getting on a different bus to save time, and then you see three of the bus you actually wanted sail straight past. So then I was late for work and will have to make up the flexi time at some point during the week, stupid bastard buses.

Oh and of course the bus I was on was full of pikey parents and their out of control offspring. Who lets their children practice "who can stamp and scream the loudest" in a public place? Who?? They weren't upset, they weren't complaining, they were just having a competition to see who could make the most noise and their parents just ignored them. I don't know what's wrong with people any more, I really don't. There's just no respect for anyone else, no inkling that maybe you should consider other people in the decisions that you make. But you can't actually say anything or complain, because you run a 50/50 chance of either getting a mouthful of abuse (usually some inarticulate version of "you telling me how to raise my kid?") or being stabbed to death on the top deck while everyone else tries very hard to ignore you for fear of being stabbed themselves. When did the world end up like this?

So anyway, that's my cheery start to Monday.