21 December 2007

Jewellery jewellery jewellery

Oh my god I'm SO annoyed with the jewellery company I've bought my Mum's Christmas present from (Pia Jewellery, burn in hell). I ordered her the earrings she wanted on 4 December, that's 17 days ago, and they still haven't even dispatched them! I've rung them SO many times to say "look, it's a Christmas present, is it going to be here in time?" and every time they say yes yes they've just had a backlog of orders but it's going out very soon and will definitely be here the week before Christmas.

Er, no! It's Friday now and you've still not sent the bloody things! And so I ring them up AGAIN last night and say "er what are you doing" and they said they are POSTING them first class today. POST?? Who POSTS things two working days before Christmas and actually expects them to get there?? That's ridiculous! And I'm not even confident they're actually going to post them today just because they've said they will.

So now I've got to tell Mum she might have no present from me on Christmas Day, and she'll give me that reproachful look of perhaps you should have ordered them earlier. You chose the bloody earrings, I thought I was getting the easy option of just buying something off the internet and not having to trawl round the shops!

I'm now going to write a strongly worded letter. It will do no good at all of course, but I've got nothing better to do with my time and I feel like kicking up a fuss.

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