20 December 2007

To bitch or not to bitch

I just spent a little while clicking on the 'Next Blog' link that you get at the top of this page, just to see what sort of thing other people post on their blogs. My god there is some random rubbish on here! Some people just post photos, which is fine, but one person posts a daily picture of their tigger doll. What the hell is that?? There are lots of made-up blogs that try to get you to go to porn sites, some random ones that are just gibberish, and one lady who has posted her entire shopping list including how much she saved with her coupons.

All in all, there were actually very few blogs from people just posting about what they've been doing, what interests them, and those sorts of normal things.

It started me thinking about what I write on here, and what I'd like to write on here. Sometimes I would really like to have a good bitch about people who have annoyed me, but then I encounter a problem. Because I've syndicated my blog with my facebook profile, I'm linked to practically everyone I know on facebook and so they can find their way to my blog. I don't actually want to upset anyone, even if I bitch about someone it doesn't mean I don't like them, it just means I'm annoyed. So then it means I end up not writing about anyone I know on here, in case they read it...

So either: I bite the bullet and just write what I think, on the assumption they'll never see it and if they do, tough luck. Or I keep my blog abstract and about people I don't really know or work with. Hmm, what to do what to do...

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