17 December 2007

In your face, Welshy

I am SO pleased that Rhydian didn't win X-Factor! Obviously I would have preferred it if Same Difference had won, they are just so happy and cheesey, but at the same time I knew they never could. I'm surprised they got as far as coming third actually. But who else actually flew around the stage on bits of string?? That definitely deserved some credit.

Once it was down to Rhydian and Leon I thought oh no he's going to win now, even to the point where I voted for Leon just to try and prevent it. And it worked! I couldn't bear the thought of that albino twat being on the radio all the time, even the gappy-toothed Scottish midget is better than that. And although Rhydian was mostly big smiles and congratulations, there was one moment when he was in the background that he did NOT look happy! Good...

I've read today that people are complaining they tried to vote for Rhydian and couldn't get through for an hour. Yeah whatever, that's just sour grapes. If you live in Wales, you can expect to have a crappy phone network, nobody wants to ring anyone in Wales anyway so what's the point in having a good one?

So now Rhydian can be consigned to the dustbin of oblivion that is the 'X-Factor Tour', Leon can have two singles then get dropped, and I can look forward to Same Difference coming to do a gig at Revenge!

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