11 December 2007

Reverse management

This afternoon I've got to go back to my old job in order to train the replacement for my old manager on how to do their job. How stupid is that? I shouldn't be training them to do their job even if I still worked there, let alone six weeks after I left! It's just typical of their chronic ineptitude though, I'm surprised the office hasn't burnt down since I left. Oh well, I get an afternoon out of the office I suppose and I doubt I'll finish in time to come back to work here.

I am well looking forward to Christmas now. This week is a Christmas party overload. I've got a Christmas lunch tomorrow followed probably by pub, and then clubbing in the evening (I'll come back to this bit), then a Christmas dinner on Thursday with my old job, then a Christmas office party on Friday, then a Christmas dinner with friends on Friday night. I'm going to be such a fat bastard, I'll have to start running to work or something.

Oo yes, and Wednesday night should be very exciting as we are planning to go and see Futureproof perform! Sure, they are a slung-together boyband who only came about 7th on X-Factor, but we like tacky crap and baby they are it. And the beauty of boybands is that you get to judge them and pick the one you think is most attractive as your favourite while dismissing the rest for bad teeth/bad hair/lopsided squashed face.

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