10 January 2008


They have made a student boy take his top off in the seminar room opposite today! And now a consultanty-looking man has laid him on a bed and is moving his legs around in a vaguely sexual physiotherapy kind of way. There is also a rather cute, slightly bored looking boy who is watching them and trying to stifle yawns behind his hand.

Topless boy has got quite a nice chest actually, although my view is now obscured by him laying on a bed. He'll have to stand up sometime...

And to think I grumbled to myself about not having an exterior window when I started this job!

Update: Actually he had a really good chest when he stood up, but was a bit of a butter face. I'm not complaining though...

Second update: And now they've made another one take his top off! The first one has gone away now. Are they just having a topless student fashion parade or something? This one is less of a butter face but is less muscled. And they're making him stand there for AGES! Hahaha, I'm having such a fun afternoon.

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