16 April 2008

Facebook justice

I had a weird group invitation on Facebook this morning, similar to a few I've had recently. It was inviting me to join "Karen Matthews - Unfit Mother". I did a quick search for groups just now, and it's not the only one, there is a whole plethora to choose from:

Keep Karen Matthews in Jail for a Long Time
Karen Matthews is gutter trash
Karen Matthews sad excuse for a mother
Karen Matthews is a fucking discrace!!! (I think this one should be more concerned about their spelling)
Throw Karen Matthews in Prison and he pedo boyfriend too...!!!!!!! (excessive exclamation marks in my opinion)
Karen Matthews and all that knew where she was are arseholes in my opinion (er, grammar anyone?)
I think Karen Matthews is an evil bitch and should be hung (it's hanged, dear)
Karen Matthews is scum
Someone should tell Karen Matthews that marcus nash is a cheat (I think this might be a different karen matthews)

See? Many many options for expressing your hatred via Facebook, and I find it really weird! Yes, clearly something very peculiar went on in the Shannon Matthews case involving her mother and some other family members, but that is pretty much all the information that has been released. And yet everyone is already baying for blood and would most likely lapidate Karen Matthews if they saw her in street. It's based on practically no information, why are people rushing straight on to condemnation and punishment when they don't actually know what they are condemning yet?

And, even more weirdly, why would you start a Facebook group about it?? Are they hoping to find like-minded people so they can sit around going "yeah she's a bitch, she clearly stuffed her into that bed herself, she's probably a devil worshipper n'all"? It's like an odd form of e-lynch mob. Facebook groups are a bit strange at the best of times as most of them are just a statement of opinion and then people join in order to say "yes I agree", but this is just bizarre.

So anyway, no I won't be joining any of the above groups because they are ridiculous and I would rather wait for the criminal justice system to take its course, or at the very least for someone to tell us what she actually did or is alleged to have done before I start polishing up my pitchfork and lighting my flaming torch.
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Chaim said...

There are many things about the Facebook experience that I have yet to understand. The social clotting that occurs around the through these groups is certainly one of them. Many things about Facebook have a practical use, but joining "Karen Matthews is gutter trash" just seems like it would be a waste of time, yes?

Yet, on the other hand, the existence of such Facebook groups at least indicates that the masses are fully capable of expressing themselves, and absorbing new information, in the face of debilitating Facebook addiction :)

superlative said...

Being able to do anything in the face of Facebook addiction is indeed a positive thing, and something we all struggle with on a daily basis.

I am not entirely convinced however that the masses need any extra encouragement to express themselves. Too many are already quite happy to broadcast their opinions to as wide an audience as will listen, without being concerned with matters as trivial as actually knowing what they are talking about!

(although by writing a public blog I am quite possibly veering straight into this category myself!)