21 April 2008


I had such a busy weekend doing various wedding chores, the most fun of which was going to Moss Bros to be fitted for our wedding suits by the cute (and clearly gay) young man who works there. He spent ages measuring us up and making sure our nice outfits fitted correctly, and then was even kind enough to give me a 25% student discount on my suit despite the fact that I'm not a student! Having a university email address clearly pays dividends, as that's what made him ask if I was a student, and then he just gave me the discount anyway when I said I only work here. I'm going to assume he either fancied me or was just in a very good mood, but the former is obviously far more likely (have you seen me?)

We also did the seating plan for the reception which was a nightmare and took HOURS because you always end up with people sitting on their own or people sitting too close to other people they can't sit near, or one weird table full of randoms who don't fit anywhere else. But I think the way we've done it looks good, I'm just hoping no-one upsets the apple cart by developing sudden feuds or too many acquiring new partners.

I'm getting a bit nervous about the actual day now, and making sure everything goes according to plan. I keep thinking if it were just a party it would be so simple, because you just book a room with a bar and some music in it. But for weddings there's a million other things like decorating the room, table favours, cake mountains, photographs, outfits, speeches, accommodation, parking, weather contingencies,  etc etc etc. Thank god we booked it 18 months in advance, I think I would have had a breakdown if we'd done it in less time.

Today I am enjoying the nice view of an attractive young dark-haired boy trying to look interested during a PowerPoint presentation on traction and hypertension. There haven't been any seminars going on for a while, I was getting rather sick of my view of an empty room with a plastic skeleton in it. It's a shame there probably won't be any classes during the summer, as I always find people look much cuter in tight summer t-shirts than they do in chunky winter jumpers. I suppose I shall just have to venture outside at lunchtimes for my eye candy.
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