07 April 2008

Illness leading to missed freakshow

Now there's a set of words I never thought I'd type together.

I've been ill since last Thursday with a horrible flu thing that left me lying on the sofa in a fever for a day and a half. I kept nearly passing out whenever I tried to get up, it was horrible. But anyway, I'm feeling mostly better now and am back at work (what joy) . I'm feeling a bit lightheaded, but that may be due to the overwhelming smell of solvents on this floor at the moment, you can actually taste it in the air when you walk along.

Unfortunately, being ill meant I missed seeing Anthony Hannah perform at Revenge on Friday. Actually that's the wrong word, it should be "FORTUNATELY, being ill blah blah..." For those of you who don't know, Anthony Hannah is the gay one with the neckscarves from Eton Road, who featured on the X-Factor last year. A while afterwards, Anthony chose to ditch the rest of the group and 'go solo'.

So anyway, this was the first time I'd heard of him since leaving the band, and he was featured in 3Sixty magazine having been restyled (so he didn't look like such a freak) and describing him as pop's new gay star. So we thought we'd go to Revenge and see.

Oh holy Jesus, I am so glad I didn't bother. Apparently he was AWFUL. Chris said "it's just as well you didn't make yourself more ill by coming, you would have been so cross that you bothered". Yes he can sing well, but in the videos Chris took you could see he was completely in a little world of his own coolness, and the entire audience was looking vaguely terrified and bemused.

The best part though was his outfit. Chris tried to describe it by saying he was wearing some sort of smock or something, but nothing could fully convey my horror when I saw a photo of it. Behold:

What the hell is that?? He's got CYCLING shorts on! And bizarre shoes. And a Robin Hood belt that's too big for him.

So anyway, although I felt left out when they went out without me, with hindsight I am not sorry at all that I missed it and I'm keeping my allegiance firmly with The Road.

Anthony has a single coming out at some point - Frankie Goes to Hollywood's 'Relax'. Hang on, what's that sound I can hear? Oh yes, the unmistakable thud-sizzle-suicideattempt of the solo career crash-and-burn.

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