28 April 2008

Wot chip? And a cute boy in speedos

After several months of not knowing who Hot Chip are and hearing them mentioned by other people, I have found that I in fact do know who they are and have said many a time "oh I really like this song" when Are You Ready For The Floor comes on at Boogaloo.

And during the course of trying to find out what the song is called so I can download it, I came across this video on YouTube that I'm now rather fond of. Not only do you get to enjoy the song, but you also get to watch a rather nice young man from the Oxford University Swim Team dance around in tiny speedos. I think Hot Chip should seriously consider using this as the official video for the song instead of whatever silly one they spent time making.

And yes there are a couple of wrong'uns accompanying him, but I think you'll agree they are more than offset by his muscly body and tiny shorts.
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