30 April 2008

27 - all down hill from here

Today is my birthday, and in exactly 1 hour 31 minutes I will have reached the grand old age of 27. How depressing... When you are 24-26, you can still say you are very firmly mid-twenties, but 27 is the start of that slippery slope down to 30 and is distinctly late-twenties. I remember being terribly amused when my brother turned 27 because I would have been 23 at the time and I made extensive fun of him, but now the tables have been turned! Well, not turned exactly because he is now 30 (ha ha), but you know what I mean.

Saying that though, my only problem is with the number 27 sounding rather high and well over the quarter of a century mark. I actually really like where I am at the moment in life and don't think I'd want to change it. I've got money, a nice flat, a car, the first job I've actually liked in 4 years, I still look fairly young, and I'm still able to go out dancing quite often, so I can't really complain. And as a further bonus, almost all of my friends are a bit older than me, so I'm doing quite well comparatively.

So far my birthday has been as exciting as it can be when it's a work day, and I've had loads of birthday wishes in the form of text messages and cards. It is marred by the fact that I feel like I'm a bit ill today, which is annoying, but I just crammed a piece of chocolate cake down my face and that perked me up a bit. I can't really afford to get ill as we were planning on going out for a (short) drink tonight, I've got a conference all day tomorrow, a works night out on Friday, and then friends coming to stay at the weekend. So there simply isn't time to be ill! I shall attempt to shrug it off and/or drown the germs in alcohol. Alcohol is a basic disinfectant isn't it, isn't that why they put whiskey on your leg before they hack it off on the telly? So surely if you increase your alcohol content it would eradicate some germs... Yes that'll work, that sounds very plausible, and we don't need to focus on the effect it also has on your immune system.
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