02 May 2008

Still a bit ill and time is running out

I haven't quite got over feeling unwell yet and now the weekend is practically upon us. I am feeling better, each day I've felt a little better, but I'm still not there yet. When I got home on Wednesday (birthday) I ended up going straight to bed for an hour, and then we never made it out for that drink, so it wasn't the most exciting birthday evening I've ever had.

Yesterday was the day of the conference, to which I dutifully went and acted as a helper even though it's no longer my responsibility. They were quite grateful to have me I think as I sorted out quite a few equipment things for them (how hard is it to switch a microphone on, or press DVD -> PLAY on a touch screen? very hard, apparently). The event seemed to go well, it felt pretty much the same as last year when I was running it. That's good in a way, but also I secretly wanted it to be a stressy disaster so everyone would know how clever I was for making it run so smoothly last year. Instead I shall have to choose to believe that my contribution as a helper was a major factor in the day's success.

I was quite depressed to find that there are no attractive male staff at the university, as there was no eye candy on offer. There was one hot student (whom all the girls from Personnel immediately started clucking about), but he was only there for the first bit then he pushed off.

I didn't stay right until the end as I wasn't feeling that great by the afternoon, and then I had another lie down when I got in before dinner. Honestly, I'm turning into my mother.

Today I feel OK but have a weird achey neck, a bunged up face and an odd flat feeling in my head. I might go out for some air to perk myself up. Tonight is our much-anticipated works night out, and although I had promised Sally (with the best of intentions of keeping up my end) that we'd have a big night out, I just don't think I'm well enough so I'll need to take it a bit easy. Especially as we have Andi and Paul coming to stay tomorrow, I can't give myself an illness relapse and be a crap host. I was a crap host last time because of my shocking New Year's disaster, so I really must be better this time!

Maybe I can do that thing the girl does in Coyote Ugly, where you have a drink but then secretly spit it into a beer bottle so you don't actually get drunk...
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