16 May 2008

Sleepy day

We went to Boogaloo last night so I am a tired boy at work today. I was meant to swim this morning, but I woke up at 6.30am and thought no that's clearly not going to happen so went back to sleep for another hour. Never mind though, I can try to make Tuesdays my regularly swimming day and then if we don't go to Boogaloo I'll go on Fridays as well.

Boogaloo was quite good, but it was really quiet. I hope their numbers aren't dropping off because it's at Candy Bar or anything. Hopefully it'll just be because the students have got dissertations and exams and things just now, so they're not going out as much. I like the way they deal with it there when it's quiet though, they just brazen it out and say things like "good evening everyone - yes, all five of you". It was better when it was at Audio, I think it was a nicer venue, although I do like the basement-vibe of the Candy Bar that reminds me of the good old days when it was at the Joint.

Due to low numbers they played whole-audience Boogaloo Pictionary last night rather than a normal cabaret game, which was good actually because I won a t-shirt and Chris won a t-shirt and a miniature handbag! Mine was for guessing 'piss flaps', I think Chris might have guessed 'sperm' (nice), and I can't remember what his other one was. Bumhole maybe. Anyway, the t-shirts are Ting Tings ones, a band who I have vaguely heard of and whose single they were promoting. It's quite nice really, I might even wear it from time to time.

It's now 12.35 and I'm trying to put off eating my lunch for a bit... I need the energy in order to stay awake, but the later I have lunch the shorter the afternoon is. I feel it is highly likely that I'll be slumped asleep on my desk by 3.30 at this rate...

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