14 April 2008

Negative campaigning

Oh and the OTHER thing that annoyed me this weekend was the stupid unsolicited newsletter I got from my local Labour party knobhead. (braces for wrath of staunch labour supporters)

The whole thing, and almost all Labour publicity I've had in the post, focused entirely on the message "you have to vote for us so the evil Tories won't win". Er hello, what about YOUR policies? All it talked about was what the Conservatives were doing and how they opposed it, or why it was ridiculous and evil. I can't believe that they base their campaigning on the fact that they're NOT the Tory party. When I vote I make a point of finding out the policies of the main parties and then deciding which one I most agree with; with Labour it's really hard to find out what theirs are!

And there was that stupid minister who said at a conference recently that "the Tories are still the nasty party". Oh grow up and stop treating the voting public like children who you can make afraid of the Tory Boogeyman.

So anyway, Labour won't be getting my vote unless they do some serious work on publicising how they can make the country better. If anything they've so far succeeded in making me more likely to vote Conservative at the next council elections, so maybe the Tories ought to be paying for their mailouts in future.
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