11 April 2008

Mentally challenged

As in "I am not". I don't mean that I'm not retarded, although this morning I feel like I am a bit as I'm really tired and keeping knocking things over. I mean that I haven't felt stretched for ages, probably not since I finished uni and that was coming up for five years ago.

So I've started to think about whether I want to do a course or something. I don't do a lot in the evenings, and although I like learning my languages from the books I've got I always find I lose interest after a while because of the lack of structure and motivation to continue. That's why I've learnt bits of so many languages but not got that far with many of them.

I was having a look at the stuff you can do with the Open University and some of it is really interesting. I'd quite like to do some maths courses maybe, to get my maths back up to how it was when I did A Level. They also do some classics courses and I always thought that would be interesting, and you can actually combine really disparate courses into an open degree so you end up with a BA or BSc at the end.

I did think about whether I'd want to do a masters, I've always been a bit jealous of friends of mine who have done them, but I'm yet to find something I'm interested in enough to want to put the effort into a whole masters.

Oh but there's too much choice and I don't really know what I want to do. The Open University is really flexible, you don't even have to say what qualification you want to work towards, you just pick a starting course you want and start doing it. Then when you get enough credits you can cash it in as a qualification, or if you get bored I suppose you can just stop. Or I could just learn something on my own, like trying to get my Swedish up to a good level before we go to Stockholm, but I don't know how to stop myself trailing off after a couple of weeks. I think I also like having someone mark my work and put a nice red tick on it, which you don't get when you're studying on your own!

So anyway, those are my ramblings. I'm all alone in the office for a bit today, everyone else has done on a jolly. Sorry, I mean staff development activity. So I might put my feet up for a bit and catch a crafty snooze...
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