18 September 2008

Why do men have to be so disgusting?

Really, I just don't get why men's toilets have to be in such a state all the time. It's just foul. Would their toilet at home look like that if they didn't have a woman either to clean it or to brow beat them into showing a little fucking respect for the fact that other people have to use it too?

It's always the same with communal men's toilets. For a start, how on EARTH do people manage not to flush? Isn't it just something you do automatically? Or do they find the the blank cubicle walls so stimulating that they get distracted and just wander off in their own little world?

And how hard must it be not to miss your intended target and piss all over the seat, and on some occasions even the fucking floor! Even at a urinal, how do you MISS a urinal??

I feel particularly sorry for the female customers of the Ghetto, where they have unisex toilets. I've heard them complaining more than once that they a) stink, and b) are disgusting, because they're obviously not as used to it as all men have to be.

And yes, I am a bit more of a clean freak than some other people I suppose, but I don't think being clean should count as a flaw, and it just comes down to showing a bit of respect for other people. I might start wearing a dress so I can use the ladies, I imagine it's all marble floors and classical music and a man in a suit offering you perfume in there.
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Anonymous said...

You are sadly mistaken about the ladies, apparently we don't know how to flush either. It really is gross. I tell myself it's the students b/c I really don't want to think it's people I share a biscuit tin / kitchen with!!

However, the ladies in Westlain have pot pourri and hand cream courtesy of Shirley who personally supplies it. Luxury!

superlative said...

So what you're saying is I should send you round to Westlain to steal said products, then you can give them to me for the boys toilets.

Good plan, I'll await delivery of the contraband at 4.42pm.