11 September 2008

I always miss EVERYTHING!

It's so frustrating that I always manage to miss every gig and performance that I would want to attend, simply because I either don't hear about them until afterwards or by the time I do hear about them they're sold out. It's happened twice in the last month or so, and having signed up for various email updates from venues and performers doesn't seem to have helped at all!

First, I love Lisa Loeb and would say she's probably my favourite musician. Chris and I saw her perform in London a couple of years ago, and really enjoyed it and said we'd definitely see her again if we could (she doesn't perform in England all that often). And then off we gaily flew (boom boom) to America, spent four days in New York and then went on to San Francisco, and THEN I got an email saying she happened to have performed in New York during those very four days. Damn it! I would have definitely gone if I'd known! I'm on her email list specifically FOR such information and I still didn't get it/read it in time to go!

And then yesterday Chris was listening to some songs by Jay Brannan on MySpace and saying how good they were. Jay Brannan is a rather cute singer/songwriter who lives in New York and who was in the film Shortbus, which is where we know him from. So I started clicking around on his MySpace profile, and found to my horror that he performed at the Brighton Komedia on 27 August! For FUCK'S sake!! I'm ON the 'What's on at the Komedia' email list and there's never ANYTHING I want to see on the list, so I've stopped reading it particularly closely, and I managed to miss that as well! And it's not like he's a massive star or anything, especially not over here, so he probably won't be back in England for ages.

Soooo frustrating, email updates are just useless because you never end up reading them.
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