04 September 2008

Crush of shame

I was asked the other day who my shameful crush or crushes is or are (hmm elegant sentence there). I actually couldn't think of that many, although I'm sure there must be quite a few.

Having just seen a repeated episode on ITV2, I would have to say one is Hunter from Gladiators. Yes it is quite shameful, and if I saw him for the first time today I don't think I'd say yeah he's massively hot. But I was about 13 when he was on the telly originally, and he had blond hair and muscly arms and he wore the most obscenely tight little leotard thing, so is it that surprising that he caught my attention?? And the people you fancied when you were young kind of stay with you forever... That's my excuse anyway.

So yes, he's my first Crush Of Shame. If I think of any others I might add them on here.

Oo, also, I sort of SORT OF like Robson Green, even though he does NOTHING for me facially or physically. But I had a filthy dream about him once and was never able to look at him again in the same way.

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