19 September 2008

Feelin' hunky

Chris said something really nice to me the other day. He said he thought I'd grown into my looks, and that I was looking more attractive now than when I was younger, which I thought was lovely.

I have been feeling like I'm starting to get old lately, as I'll be 28 on my next birthday and 30 is suddenly looking like a very real proposition. Even just typing that is a bit scary, as I remember how ancient 28 sounded when I was 19. Saying that though, I also feel that I like where I am in life at the moment. I'm still fairly young, I have a nice place to live, my job pays pretty well and I don't really have money worries, and we go out dancing at least once a week.

So to be told also that instead of having lost my looks my maturity has actually added something to them is, well, really nice.

Of course, he could just have been saying that to get me into bed (didn't work).
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