29 September 2008

Nibble on my meat sir?

We went up to London this weekend for our friend's 30th birthday, which was quite nice. I was appalled, APPALLED however to discover that a one day travelcard now costs £7. SEVEN POUNDS! I thought I'd accidentally pressed the wrong button and asked for a weekly pass or something... When did they stop being £4.80? Probably when I stopped being 18, but I still think that's ridiculously expensive.

We had a nice birthday meal at a place called Rodizio Rico in Islington, which was an unusual Brazilian restaurant where they basically just have All You Can Eat Meat. There's a salad and accompaniments bar too, but the main bit is the waiters walking around with big metal spikes with a joint of meat on, and them hacking bits off for whoever wants some. I couldn't help but giggle at them wandering about asking if anyone wants some of their pork sword.

So it was fun anyway, although you can only eat so much meat before you start suffering chest pains.

Today sees the start of the new academic year, so there are lots of people who look far too young to be students wandering around in a slightly bewildered state, carefully studying maps of the campus and then walking off in the wrong direction. I think it is very important that they start the physiology lessons again as soon as possible, as I've been staring at a darkened seminar room with no topless students for months. I think I've gone stir crazy, and a little blond surfer boy flesh would be just the thing to perk me up.
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