12 September 2008


I'm enjoying blogging at the moment, I seem to have had a few things that I want to write about. I've also found some other people's blogs that have been fun to read, and I quite like that (after much MUCH stress and it not working properly) I can now send little blog posts straight from my phone. That means I'll be able to write little bits over the weekend, rather than having to save up things and then remember to do them when I'm at work. I do, of course, have internet access at home, but I've hardly ever written on my blog from there. Why would I want to when I can do it in work time?

Lots of people don't write as much as me in their blog posts though, I'm wondering if I go on a bit. Often they seem to write just a few sentences, but perhaps more frequently than I post. Does that make me verbose and boring?? Hmm, we'll see. If I post more often I'll write less, so maybe I'll try doing that.
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Chris said...

Stop wondering.