12 March 2008

A Shocking Fact

I just realised that yesterday I worked from 8.50 until 16.45, only stopping for lunch, and was so focused on my work that I didn't even register whether there were any seminars going on in the room opposite, and I didn't take a single go on Scrabulous! I am really quite shocked.

Lots of people have suddenly decided to send me ridiculously long and complicated tasks to do. What's annoying is that often their emails start with "could you just...", but what they're asking for will actually take me more than an hour.

So anyway, today I need to be More Focused on what's important in life - my view of hot students (just think, they could have been demonstrating hot oil physiotherapy massage in there yesterday, and I missed it), and Facebook. Luckily I have no pointless meetings today, yesterday I had two, so that should make things easier.

Oh and also, Mitch Hewer is so hot I want to batter him to death and keep his corpse in my freezer.

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