03 March 2008

By popular demand

Apparently it is highly important that I record on here details of the highly enjoyable "staff development" workshop I went to last week. And I use the words "staff development" in as loose a sense as possible.

Now, not that I'm ungrateful because I got the morning off and a free lunch and four mini pastries, but what the HELL was that? It was entitled "Problems, decisions and creativity", which basically translated into 20 minutes on made-up 'left brain/right brain' theory, doing some lateral thinking puzzles that the trainer got out of a Christmas cracker, and the rest was colouring in!

I drew: a wizard, a mountain, a fireball, an old lady getting struck by lightning, a snake, and a new creation which I have named the Eleroo-utan-osaur - a freaky abomination against nature in ear muffs and glasses.

And the trainer will have got paid loads for that! I know how much trainers earn, and I've seen them paid £750 for a half day before. I think a far more useful creative exercise would have been to give us £75 each and see who finds the most interesting way of spending it. Mine would have gone on hiring a 19 year old blond stripper called Luke.

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Anonymous said...

indeed not just what the hell were those pastries about, but what the hell was it ALL about!i came out bemused and confused as to WHY a plastic bucket was so necessary in a boating disaster!? we are not ungrateful, but we are all in agreement that the next time they want to blow the budget on staff development, your £75 each suggestion is a winner! my stripper would be a hairy one named gerhard.

Anonymous said...

mine would be a great rugby playing one called Tim

Mrs M