25 March 2008

Rainbowfish boy deserves to die

Also, I forgot to mention that we saw rainbowfish boy YET AGAIN on Saturday night while we were on our pub crawl. Chris was already quite drunk so chose to shout at him in the street, something along the lines of 'oo oo, we know you!! we see you everywhere'. And what was his response? "Yeah yeah, you know me because I work in education" and he kept walking.

What the hell is wrong with him??? He's so RUDE! We see him like twice a week in various pubs and clubs and the supermarket, I'm fairly sure we know friends-of-friends, and it's not like we HARASS him or anything. We've just seen him so often that we've tried to acknowledge his existence and occasionally say hello, as it seems only polite. But he's not having any of it.

So I am officially enacting the Pyramid of Hate. I'm telling all of our friends what a wanker he is, then they have to tell all of their friends, and so on until eventually everyone in the city will hate him and he will collapse under the weight of people glaring at him in the street. Let it begin.
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Anonymous said...

Please to explain why he's called Rainbowfish Boy? And I'd be happy to glare at him but without a visual ID how do I know who to direct my anger at.....although thinking about it I don't usually discriminate, the general public are all deserving of my loathing.

superlative said...

He is called Rainbowfish Boy because the first time we encountered him was at the Children's Parade. He was in the school in front of Chris', and he was doing an embarrassing dance based on some children's book called The Rainbow Fish. We aren't very imaginative with our names, so he became Rainbowfish Boy.

He doesn't actually LOOK like a rainbowfish unfortunately, sorry to disappoint.