13 March 2008

Same-sex changing rooms

I understand the rationale for same-sex changing rooms at sports centres, swimming pools etc. Even though I wouldn't be particularly interested in seeing women getting changed, I certainly wouldn't want women to see ME getting changed because it would just be weird and their body parts don't match and you'd think "ur what's that bit for?". So it is traditional to divide up the sexes all neatly, and then everybody has 'seen it all before' and can be very mature about it and go about their business, and the most that the original inventors of them would expect would be a bit of body comparison from time to time, both among the boys and the girls.

But if you're of a hot boy-on-boy action persuasion, they're GREAT! And yes of course you're "not supposed to look", but yeah whatever everybody looks, it's human nature. And why wouldn't you look if you've got the opportunity?

So anyway, the point of all this is that my morning was livened up immensely by happening to be in the changing rooms at the gym at the same time as the boy from Registry I used to like. Very fortuitous timing, I have to say, and it gave me something to smile about on the bus to work.

The downside is of course that occasionally you're subjected to the sight of overweight sweaty heffers wheezing and getting changed that almost causes you to lose your breakfast. But you can't have everything and I think it's a price worth paying...
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