03 March 2008

Always read the label

Always read the label is very good advice and apparently not just something they say for the hell of it. My contact lens was irritating me on Saturday while I was at a friend's house, and so she helpfully ventured that her brother had some contact lens solution in the bathroom. Perfect, I thought, so off I went to rinse my contact lens and pop it back in.

Terrible stinging pain ensued as I put hydrogen peroxide directly onto my eye. After whipping the lens back out, flinging it away from me as though it had done it deliberately, and rinsing my eye for ages under the tap, I THEN chose to read the label. "Warning: Not to be used for rinsing" it said on the front. On the back it was a bit more specific and said "Only to be used for soaking contact lenses over night. May cause a slight stinging sensation if contact lenses are put back in after less that 6 hours". Slight? SLIGHT??

So I spent the rest of the evening with a very pink eye looking like I'd been used for animal testing.

Other than that, the weekend was very nice. It was nice to see Alice after her 5 months of South American gallivanting, I spent a normal day of enduring my Mum being ridiculously rude to my Dad on Saturday, and on Sunday I had a nice meal at Chris' and took his Nan to the shops.

Have been to the gym this morning and have now doubled the amount I can benchpress to a shocking 10kg!! Wow, that's awesome and I'm sure will come in very handy for... er... pushing very light things away from my chest.

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