27 April 2009

Such a nice neighbourhood

I'm a bit disturbed by this article in the Argus saying there was an attempted armed robbery on my road on Saturday. What a lovely area I must live in!

I was out at the time so I missed all the excitement, and fortunately it was a robbery in a shop rather than an individual being held up in the street at gun point, but it's still a bit scary. I actually hate the shop in question, it's an eyesore, so I don't mind if it gets robbed particularly, but obviously I'm quite keen not to get shot by fleeing gunmen.

It's never been the nicest road to live on, I have to say. It's close to town and lots of people walk along it on their way home after nights out, so that brings with it a fair bit of noise and the occasional bit of trouble. I've seen several fights in the time I've lived here, including one person who had their ear cut off ("my ear's gone! my fucking ear's gone!" cried the young man in question), and a gay couple who had a rather savage fight that featured belt-whipping, repeated in-the-face kicking, and then an attempt to bite a finger off. A charming couple with a bright future ahead of them, I'm sure you'll agree.

I'd never called 999 in my life before moving here, and in the last five and a half years I must have called it about six times.

So anyway, it's obviously not that nice an area really. Maybe it's just as well we're planning on moving this year. We had a meeting with a mortgage man at HSBC on Saturday, which was quite exciting in a boring financial sort of way, so now all we have to do is start looking for flats!

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Urban Cynic said...

I saw this on the Argis Twitterfeed - the people who run the shop are arseholes according to a friend of mine. Clearly quite hard arseholes (as it were) as they & the public kicked the shit out of the gunman by the sounds of it!

I used to live in a really nice quiet area up by the Duke of Yorks & had quite a few incidents - armed police & all sorts. brighton is a pretty safe place overall though; it's just a shame you missed the excitement!