08 April 2009

New phone

I got a new phone on Monday, I'm quite pleased with it so far. I'd been thinking about getting a BlackBerry because I liked the idea of having wi-fi on it, but in the end I decided it was just too expensive.

So I've got a Sony Ericsson CyberShot C510 instead. It's 3G, and I've never had a 3G phone before, so I've been dead impressed with all the internetty things it can do and how fast it does them.

It's also got quite a good camera, as it is a CyberShot and that's what they're geared towards. This is the first picture I took on it:

Quite good isn't it? Good enough for me to use for random snapshots anyway. Apparently it has some sort of special integration with Blogger that I've not worked out yet, so who knows, this might open up a whole new world of photo blogging to me.

Until I figure out how that works though, I shall content myself with the Google Maps thing that triangulates my position and shows me where I am on a map. Which is useful I suppose if you ever don't know where you are, such as during a kidnapping.


dave. said...

my partner just got a blackberry- it came with a 300 page user manual. 300 pages!

(i ended up caving in and getting the iphone- expensive, yes, but no manual and takes surprisingly decent pics with its 2MB)

superlative said...

Everyone recommended the iPhone to me when I started talking about getting a BlackBerry. I would have happily had one, but I'm not on 02 and I haven't got £300 to spend on one.

I'd also be terrified I'd drop it on the pavement on my first day out with it!