01 April 2009

My OCD dreams have come true

Lots of things to blog today, but I shall do them as separate posts. I like to keep things tidy, as you shall see.

Which leads me on (almost as if I had planned this post) to say I'm terribly excited! In a rather geeky and pointless way, but excited nonetheless.

Basically, when I'm at work, I have a particular order that I open my applications in and they MUST stay in that order otherwise I get annoyed. It goes:
  • Outlook
  • Internet Explorer
  • Flock
  • Dreamweaver
  • Windows Explorer
  • TweetDeck (which runs in the background anyway)
These I keep open all day. However, it doesn't take much for my order to be upset - accidentally closing a window, something crashing, or installing something that insists an application be closed (usually IE). And although I've tried to tolerate them in a different order, I usually end up closing everything and starting again just to keep it neat.

But now I no longer need to because I've found a cute little programme called Taskbar Shuffle! It runs in the background and means I can drag my windows around on the taskbar and put them wherever I want. I can't believe I haven't found it before!

So you see, very geeky, very pointless, and yet I'm rather more pleased than I should be because suddenly something in life got easier.

I'm a man of simple pleasures. And compulsive neatness.


Urban Cynic said...

Wow - I'm tidy but.....wow! I'm not fussed about the order in which the panes are opened but I don't like too many open at once cos it's messy.

I sadly get quite excited about storage & buying stationary. I'm definitely not on a par with you - hats off to you my good man. x

Anonymous said...

Ah - you have made my OCD dreams come true too! I must have Outlook first, then the H drive folder. After that I can open and close things as I go but Outlook must be first! I too have been closing everything and re-opening it to maintain the order.
My craptastic day has been slightly improved by this post. I thank you.
Helen x

superlative said...

Yay, freaks unite!

Nel said...

I love that I'm not the only one that does this! hehe I have to have certain programs in a certain order too! My Outlook, especially, if it's not first it always throws me off and I end up closing and reopning windows to arrange them. I'll have to look into that program. :)

dave. said...

I used to panic if the first 4 task bar apps weren't outlook, IE, windows explorer, and Excel. Mastering alt-tab did help.