29 April 2009

Public masturbation

Why do boys these days walk around wearing jogging bottoms with one or both hands shoved right down the front? What are they doing down there? And more importantly, why does no-one say "excuse me, can you stop tugging yourself off in front of Ladbrokes please"?

I see it all the time now, it's like it's trendy or something. I just saw a boy walking with a group of four girls, just casually chatting, and clearly clasping his cock while doing it. I just don't get it! Why doesn't it trouble the girls? Why don't they squeal "uurrrrrrrrr he's touching himself Lind", and run off to find a grown up (they were fairly young). I don't know, maybe they've all got love eggs shoved up themselves or something, so they think the boys deserve an equivalent.

It's wrong anyway. In my day if you wanted to have a wank you did it in private. Or at least under a coat.

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xlad said...

I had a guy work for me who was always fiddling with his giblets. I had to have a quiet word with him after complaints from female staff members. He left shortly after and went to work in Mcdonalds.