15 April 2009

Six-day weekend

I had a lovely six-day weekend for Easter. Although it seemed like I did a lot of stuff and saw a lot of people, as always now that I'm back at work it feels like it went past too quickly.

We went up to London on Thursday to visit our families, which was nice enough. It was a bit boring at my parents' house as usual, but I was only there for one night. Mum is getting increasingly stressed about Dave's wedding now, but I think I'll have to save that for a separate blog post (and for when I can be bothered to think about it all. It's rather draining).

Then Friday I had a nice meal with Chris' family, and then another meal with his Dad on Saturday, before we scooted on up to Cambridge for a friend's 30th birthday party. It was for our friend who moved to Sweden about 18 months ago, he was over with his wife and kiddy to see all his friends for his birthday.

It was lovely to see them actually, as obviously we don't see them very often now. I think the last time was their wedding in August. It got me thinking about how we've pretty much lost a whole circle of friends since they moved away and since our other friend (from the same group) moved to Cambodia. They were our friends we used to go to the pub with, quite often actually, but now Chris and I hardly ever go to straight pubs because the circle of friends broke up a bit after they went. It's funny how that happens, but I'm not particularly surprised: they were the people who knew everyone in the group, so it was them that held it together. Once those people leave it's hard to maintain a relationship with the others you don't have a direct link with.

We do have some other new friends now of course, but I used to enjoy those nights in the pub playing silly drinking games.

So anyway, the 30th birthday party was spent drinking rather too much vodka and dancing by candlelight in his parents' garage. I felt a bit like a teenager again. It was good fun though.

And then the last couple of days of my long weekend I spent in Brighton, just loafing about really, and having a long walk up and down Devil's Dyke (see my rather nice photo in the previous post). I wish I could have been off for a bit longer, as Chris is off all week, but such is life when you are the wife of a teacher.

Right, I better get on with some work I suppose. Although it would be much more fun to start making the scoresheets for our annual Eurovision party, so maybe I'll do that instead. Only a month to go now! "It's myyyyy time, it's my time...."

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