24 April 2009

It's words that hurt the most

My clothing was slagged off by a pikey yesterday. That's right, MY clothing was critiqued by a fat, toothless, street-drinking pikey woman in a dirty grey jumper and joggers. What the hell??

We had just left the house and had unfortunately to walk past one of the groups of drunks that are always sitting near our house on the way to the car.

"The one on the left needs skinny jeans!", crowed the fat boiler, to the delight of her equally disease-ridden companion who promptly laughed at said boiler's witty remark.

I had perfectly nice trousers on! And they went with my outfit and everything! They were from Primark I admit, but she didn't know that.

Of course I couldn't think of anything clever to say in return, so just kept walking and suffered the ignominy of them chortling behind my back.

I should have pointed out that she needs to get some front teeth and lose about 300 pounds before she comments on anyone else's appearance, fat cow. The audacity of it!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a cheek! I don't even know you & yet I'm sure that your trousers were perfectly acceptable & far fashionable than anything that fat oxygen thief could muster.

I think 'Fuck off you fat pikey scum' would suffice next time; repeat as a mantra... It's what Lagerfeld would say I'm sure!