24 March 2009

Jay Brannan in London

Ah ha! In September I whinged on about having missed both Lisa Loeb and Jay Brannan perform, despite having signed up to various mailing lists which I then didn't read properly and which therefore didn't help me at all.

But anyway, this time I shall not be whinging because I've managed both to be aware of a gig AND to buy tickets for it, and so we shall be seeing Jay Brannan in London on 9 May. Yay! And I had even moaned that he probably wouldn't be back in the country for ages, whereas in fact it has only been about nine months I think. Clearly that sappy 'please come back to England' email I sent him worked a treat.

He's only doing the one gig in the UK, so obviously it's not quite as good as when he played at the Komedia in Brighton which is about 10 minutes from my house, and yes I will be spending more on the train ticket than I have on the gig ticket, but whatever, it's better than nothing. And we're always saying how we should go to see more live music things and plays and whatnot.

And he is cute, and sweet, although he's a little tortured (not uncommon in a musical artiste).

I'm really looking forward to it anyway, it should be good. My only slight concern was buying the tickets from an online retailer I've not heard of that doesn't send you real tickets only an e-ticket thing. So I'm a bit worried we could turn up and then not get in. But they're linked from the official site as one of the places to get tickets from, so I'm sure it's probably alright.


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