20 March 2009

Stupid Argus scaremongering

Ha, I just read yet another ridiculous article on the Argus website about Google photographing the streets in Brighton for their Street View service ('Every Brighton street to be photographed and put on the web'). It's so stupid! They're such a rubbish paper, they try to sensationalise every story they write even if it's a) not sensational, and b) old news because everyone's heard about Street View already.

And they write idiotic sentences like "How would you feel if you Googled your home address and were confronted with a picture of yourself putting out the rubbish or bleary-eyed at the kitchen window?". Erm, that's the same as saying "How would you feel if you did something in public and someone saw you doing it" - not fucking surprised!

And then you get people chipping in with comments such as "What if you don't want certain people to know where you are? What if you are part of witness protection?". It's not a LIVE fucking video, it's a photo that was probably taken months ago, that probably has your face blurred, and that isn't searchable by person. Yes I suppose criminals could trawl every street in the country in the hope that you happen to have been standing in the street when the Google car went by, but they could also drive around looking for you with about the same likelihood of finding you.

Honestly, I despair, I really do.

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Anonymous said...

Bless them, they think we're living in an episode of the Sopranos! I've had a good snoop at my ex-boyfriends house already -I think it's a great idea.

I guess it beats the yearly discussion about how annoying the seagulls are though (like living in the sea & complaining that there's too many fish)

The argus is hilarious; the stories are nearly as funny as the horoscopes.