27 March 2009

Robbie Williams is a fat loser

Professional fat-face Robbie Williams has apparently been talking up a reunion with Take That. He's such a fat desperate loser! He clearly can't stand that they are successful again while he hasn't had a record for... how long? Maybe if he paused long enough to wipe the gravy from his pie-filled chin he'd be able to do some singing.

I've never liked Robbie Williams. Actually, to be fair, when he was in Take That I didn't mind him, I just thought he was a twat. But then he got these delusions of being much better than them and swanned off on his own, and on top of that was even really mean about them even though no-one would ever have heard of him if it weren't for Take That. So that just finished him off for me.

Yes he had some OK songs, and I'm not saying he can't sing, but his arrogant twattiness completely overrides everything else. All his music videos are really self-indulgent (I'm a James Bond, I'm winning gold at figure skating, I'm stripping off and thinking I'm sexy even though I look like a silverback gorilla, etc.), so I can't even bear to watch them.

And then Take That made their comeback, and have enjoyed quite a lot of success, and oo look! Robbie's having a nervous breakdown. No no, it's not related, they all say rather kindly, but it's rather coincidental isn't it?

And now he wants in on it. Well Gary shouldn't let him, not after he was so mean, and he wouldn't even appear on that reunion TV programme they did or anything. He should say "I'm sorry, but we can't afford to have the studio doors widened enough for Robbie to drag his fat arse in there, so we won't be able to record anything with him".

I hope they say no. And then laugh. And then release an album called "Remember Robbie Williams? No? Neither do we."


Anonymous said...

Sooo...you can't stand him, but you took all that time out of your day to write all of that about him...interesting...

Admit it, mate, he's under your skin. I think you might be a teeny weeny bit jealous!

superlative said...

I decided it would be worth investing my time in it in the hope that if (or rather when) he types his own name into Google, my blog will be somewhere in the results informing him how fat he is.

Urban Cynic said...

Yup I'm with you on that one... Robbie is & had always been a big fat twatty show-off.

Anonymous said...

There is a pleasing level of vitriol in this post. I would feel bad for the guy (clearly, lots of problems, none of which he seems to have dealt with successfully) but he's been so irritating for so long that I can't quite do it.

Anonymous said...

begging for votes doesn't make you a winner , having fans cheat for you doesn't make you a winner either. How desperate can Robbie or his management get to beg for votes... Also his fans are lame enough to cast multiple votes ,,,, lame cheating promoting fans to cheat these things come to mind when I see this sort of advert from Robbie ,,, The question I have is does Robbie know how you are doing this ,,, shame on you Robbie Williams,, And to not be friends with Robbies biological father ,, more shame ,,,,,,, Not to be friends with his biological father and not to invite his bilogical father to his wedding ,,, Robbie Williams in a loser in my eyes In My Eyes In My Eyes In My Eyes shame ,,,, shame ,,,, shame I guess you can always blame everything in your life for being Lethargic and depressed .... If your were raised by your biological father you would have turned out to be a gas station attendant pumping gas , not a pop star pumping assssssss LOLOLOL

GyokiSan said...

I would love to hear WHO do you find attractive, then?
And, you must be sucessful enough not to be dying to have half a career as his (not to mention his wealth).
I agree with Anonymous first comment. I think you are full of envy.