26 October 2008

X factor disaster!

I can't believe Daniel is still milking his dead wife like a prize fresian, and at the expense of poor Scott! He so did not deserve to go before that fat goofball. Ok, he wasn't going to win, but he had more appeal than sweaty dead wife jabba the hutt. And Louis was so gutless not to vote for Daniel. I felt so sorry for Scott... Oh well, guess I'll be backing Alexandra and Austin now. Oh and also that pointless irish doll deserves to die too.

Update: Some clever person on Digitalspy has commented that Louis probably voted for Scott because he was one of Simon's acts and he was just being malicious. I hadn't thought of it like that, I think that sounds very very likely. I also can't believe that he cited as his reason for saving Daniel the fact that he "meant every word". Hello?? The show's not called 'Once More With Feeling', this is the X-Factor and Daniel has NO charisma!


Anonymous said...

I watched X-Factor for the first time this week - my first love is Strictly Come Dancing. In brief I totally agree about Daniel; shut up about your dead wife, no-one cares. Also that tiny blond girl needs to brush her hair and stop doing that annoying thing with her hand. Austin is a wee little hobbit but can at least sing. Helen

Nel said...

This isn't actually related to this post. hehe But thanks for your comment response regarding the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon! Now I finally know what to call it! :) Though with my often horrible memory, I'm sure next time I want to refer to it I'm going to forget. :( Anyhow...came through and checked out your blog as well, and I like it! I'll keep checking back... :)