18 October 2008

Vanity sets in

I've just been out and bought moisturiser for the first time in my life. I don't normally use any beauty-type products, other than my moisturising aftershave balm which I don't think really counts because it's just creamy aftershave and you have to put something on after you shave.

But I was in the mood to treat myself, and I've seen things about men not being afraid to moisturise any more on the telly. So I spent 10 minutes in the Mens section of Superdrug carefully reading the back of all the moisturisers and comparing the price per millilitre of each one (so anal, I know). I bought two things, one moisturising face cream thing, and one rather expensive thing for reducing the dark circles under your eyes. I've always had dark circles, to the point where people have asked me if I've been hit in the face before, but it's never occurred to me to try to do anything about them.

I've just tried them both out, and look.... moderately different, I suppose, if I'm being generous. My skin feels soft where I've moisturised, but the eye cream seems to have had the primary effect of making my dark circles shiney. Not sure if that was what I was going for, it did say something about reflecting the light to brighten the area, but I didn't particularly want shiney black discs as opposed to matt ones.

Well anyway, I expect you have to use them more than once before they do that much good. I wasn't expecting to look immediately radiant to the point where friends would say "oh my, who radianted your face?"

But I've obviously another little step in the direction of being 30 and the long dark road of getting old...


Anonymous said...

Under-eye things are tricky, some reduce puffiness (which makes the black stand out less), some moisturiser more effectively (because the skin under the eye is thinner so needs a richer cream), some reduce fine lines (which I think are a con because the best way to reduce wrinkles of any kind is to get lots of sleep, drink lots of water and generally be healthy). I've not yet found a cream that reduces dark circles - under eye concealer does that best (or just wear glasses so no-one notices your dark circles; that works well too). Helen

superlative said...

Wow, you should work on one of those counters in Boots. I have to confess I was a bit suspicious of the "immediately reduces the appearance of" claim on the back of the tube. I think I was seduced by the swish box it came in.