01 October 2008

Columbo returns

We got the car back finally from the garage yesterday, and he appears to be all better now. He's got a new bumper on the middle and left bit (which now doesn't match the right hand bit, but never mind), and a new wheel, and he seemed OK when we drove him home. It's quite nice to have him back, I'm quite attached to our little car. We had to pay the £150 excess, and we still haven't really heard what the outcome of all the insurance claims is, but hopefully the worst part of the sorting out should be over with now.
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Anonymous said...

I looked at the title of this post and wondered what you could possibly have to say about Peter Falk. Then I remember what your car is called. I'm really not awake yet.

superlative said...

It would be cool if he did return though... With one final off-hand question that makes the murderer incriminate himself, in classic Columbo style.