27 June 2008

Dress stress, money less

We've had a small amount of dress stress, now that everyone has tried theirs on. Most of them were too long, and will need adjusting in the neck strap and in the length of the skirt part, but that's not serious and is quite easy to do apparently. However, one of them is significantly shorter and tighter than its designated bridesmaid. Something must have gone awry with the measurements there, which I suppose was always a risk seeing as they all measured themselves separately and probably all did it in slightly different ways. We're lucky that most of them fit in the waist and bust as well as they do.

So anyway, we had a bit of a panic when we realised that. You can take dresses up or in, but not very easily down or out because... well, you can't make material where there is none. But, having had our chief bridesmaid and dress organiser-extraordinaire contact the Chinese dress lady, it is hopefully not as bad as we first thought. We are told that, for this very reason, the dressmakers cleverly build in extra fabric sewn into the sides and the hem, so that there is scope for increasing the size if need be. How clever is that? I've had a feel of the dress, and I can't feel any hidden fabric, but I hope what she said is true. So hopefully we'll be able to find a good dress alterer and, even if it doesn't end up quite as long as the others, we'll end up with something acceptable.

In other wedding news, we went to the hotel last night to firm up final details. The wedding man asked lots of questions like do we want everyone to be seated for the meal and then him announce our entry, which hadn't even occurred to me as an option. I suppose I've seen other people do that. But anyway, we thought about it and decided we'd be too embarrassed so we'll just sit down when everyone else sits down. It's not a formal affair really.

And having carefully transferred money around in order to pay our bill by the 28-days-before deadline, he didn't actually want the money in the end anyway! He said "oh don't worry about that, just a week before or whenever". So we have managed to avoid being punched in the bank balance to the tune of several thousand pounds for a little while longer.

This weekend will probably be a quiet one as Chris is off at Rob's stag do for all of it. So I am footloose and fancy free, what's a boy to do? I can't wash my hair ALL weekend.

I bet I end up watching Bridget Jones, drinking wine, and dancing round my living room on my own. I am SO cool...
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