19 June 2008


I've been thinking about why I write this blog, if it's interesting, what sort of things I should be writing about, and other things like that.

I suppose I write it for the same reasons I used to write a diary - it's quite a nice thing to do, to help you think things through, and it's nice to be able to look back on it later. I suppose if any other people find it vaguely interesting or amusing, that's a bonus that you don't get with a paper diary.

The second question is more complicated. Is it interesting? Hmmm, sort of. Sometimes. I think some of things I've written giving my opinion on things, or talking about something funny that's happened, are sort of interesting. General narrative about "I did this, then that happened" is a bit dull though, and I must try to avoid it.

As to what to write about, that's also more tricky. I don't know if people like some of the posts I've written more than others. Things I could write about are:
  • my daily life, the wedding, work, that kind of stuff
  • current events, occasionally I put stuff on here about politics or interesting things I've read in the Economist. Not that often though, I could do more
  • interesting pictures, videos, websites and stuff that I find
  • more personal sort of stuff, like boys, boys I like, sexual adventures (when I have them), lack of sexual adventures (more likely)...
Any comments (from the vague few who read this) would be appreciated. I've been reading about what makes a good blog, and lots of places say "write about what interests you, write what you think, keep it short and accessible". So I suppose that's a good place to start.

It's also a bit tricky when yes I could write about my thoughts about people I know, people I like, people I hate, but they might actually READ this themselves. Especially because I link this to my Facebook, so all my friends could potentially read it. Do I just throw caution to the wind and write it anyway? Would people get upset? Would I have to anonymise it somehow?? Ah so many things to think about...

Thoughts anyone? Shall we just got for red hot gossip and sexual perversion?? I know that's what you're all dying for...
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Anonymous said...

Well I like reading it because its funny and properly written with no annoying internet shorthand and it also allows me to know you better without having to quiz you on life, the universe and everything.

Blogs can be a little peek into someone's daily life and unlike 'reality' TV you get complexity not stereotypes. So even the "I did this" posts can be of value since they allow a connection to the author via mundane commonality of experiences.

As to writing about people you know...hmmm much more difficult. Anonomysing to a certain degree is proabably advisable - no full names. I suppose if you adhere to the rule that you don't write anything you wouldn't say to someone's face then you're okay. But people can be very sensitive...

Anonymous said...

i love reading it - it makes me laugh and for some reason i find your life interesting, maybe as its filled with cool social events, holidays, lovely weddings, all the things mine isnt filled with at the mo. I say keep on writing, an entry a day would be good to give me plenty to read on a Monday. oh, and i say go with the honesty. i can't imagine you would have anything bad to say about me personally so i dont care :)