17 June 2008

5 weeks 3 days til M-Day

I haven't been on here for a while as I've been ill AGAIN. Honestly, it can't be normal for someone to catch viruses quite as often as I do. I was ill at the start of April, a bit ill at the start of May, and now again in the middle of June. It should not be a monthly occurrence! I'm starting to suspect that it's actually the same virus, and I'm never getting rid of it properly. I've read that can happen, it just goes into hibernation somewhere in your body, and then when you get particularly stressed or run down it pops up again. I'm not quite sure what I can do about it either, as doctors can't do a lot for a virus apart from tell you to rest, take paracetamol and drink lots of fluids.

So anyway, I was off for two days last week, afflicted with horrible all-over aching, and a massive gland in my neck that meant I couldn't turn my head or lay on that side. Nice. Thankfully it's gone away now, until next time at least. My current pattern of illness every six weeks is concerning me slightly though, because it means I'll be due again either at the wedding or during the honeymoon. Hmmm... maybe I should eat LOADS of oranges between now and then or something.

My wedding stress about the rooms as been assuaged somewhat, as the nice man at our hotel has said they can have some, if not all, the rooms ready at 1pm for us. Much better. Or at the very least he said they'll have somewhere where people can change, but I'm pinning my hopes on getting a couple of rooms because I'm sure people will want a bathroom etc too.

There are only a few bits and bobs left to do for the wedding now really. People are asking about it lots again, I can't remember what we used to talk about with our friends before we got engaged. The seating plan is all done and made, which is good because it took a while, but annoying if anyone wants to drop out or add guests or whatever. So we're having to be firm and say no more changes - I think that's fair given it's only a few weeks away now. And hopefully the dresses will arrive from the Chinese sweatshop soon. We're seeing the man at the hotel next week to confirm final numbers and pay our invoice, eek! So that'll be several thousand pounds, which is a bit harsh. You wouldn't think it would be so expensive to have dinner and a bit of music and dancing would you?

Mum is stressing out a little more now about how she'll cope with the day. I'm stressing a bit about it too, because I know she's going to find it hard, and her being stressed will just make her feel more ill. She's said she "doesn't want me worrying about her on the day, I'll be busy enough as it is", which is fair enough because I really can't be focusing on her the whole time. But it's going to be a bit hard for me not to... Well anyway, she'll go for a rest after the ceremony, and then she'll probably not stay that long after the dinner either as long as she's being sensible. So then she won't be around for me to worry about anyway, so I'll have no choice. I just hope Dad and Dave do a good job of keeping an eye on her.

Arrgh I still can't believe it's been booked for 18 months and now it's five weeks away!!! Where does the time go?? I'm getting so OLD!! It's been five years since graduation now, that's longer than the whole degree course was, and everyone at Boogaloo these days is practically a child. I'm sure they look at us suspiciously and wonder why such old people are there... I've been going there since they were about 11 years old! Some of them still look about that age actually.

I'm still cool anyway. Sort of. We still go out clubbing, and I don't feel old. Plus I've got loads more money than the 11 year olds, and a nice flat and a car, so I guess I'm doing alright...
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