24 June 2008

Naughty schoolboys and 60-year olds

I had quite a nice weekend, if a little hectic. It always is these days when we go home, we end up trying to pack in far more than in reasonable so we don't have to go home again for a while. By 'home' I mean my parents' house. I'm not sure why I still say that actually, I've not lived there properly for nine years. Come to think of it, 'Home' in my mobile is still my Mum's number too, I really must change it.

It was my Dad's 60th birthday at the weekend, so on Saturday we went up to my brother's house for lunch with them and my parents. Mum didn't come, she wasn't feeling well enough, but I wasn't that surprised. I think Dave was a bit annoyed, but also slightly relieved because it makes it less stressy. It's a shame for her of course, because then she feels like she's missed out and she ends up spending the day on her own again, but what can you do to fix that? She can't come, but she wouldn't be well enough to have people at their house all day, so basically she misses out. It's either that or cancel and everyone misses out. It does make me that extra bit worried about her making it to the wedding though...

Then it had also been our friend Paul's birthday earlier in the week, so in the evening we went out with them to a school disco at G-A-Y. I don't like going out in London quite often, I find it a stress and loads of effort, and I tend not to feel very safe on the night bus home. But I made the effort to go anyway, and am pleased to say that my school blazer still fits 11 years after I left school - when Mum bought me a size 'to grow into', she really meant it. It was quite good there anyway, we got in cheap because we were dressed up, and the music was alright. I was disappointed only about 50% of people had dressed up for it, lazy buggers. You only have to put a white shirt and a tie on, it's not that hard. I also thought there would be more cute boys there, given the club is so big and it's in London, but there were only a few I liked.

There was a freaky old man there (by old I mean about 40) who was wandering around off his face and topless already at 11.30pm (far too early for that), and he kept pushing his jeans down really low so you could almost see his... bleurgh.... in a way I assume he thought was alluring. It wasn't. He came too close to Chris at one point, so Chris glared at him. I think he panicked, because he dropped all his cards and money on the floor and then had to crawl around trying to pick them up while we sniggered at him.

The night bus took FOREVER to get us home, an hour in the end, so it was 4.30am by the time we got to bed and the sun was coming up. The bus wasn't too bad, I didn't feel as unsafe as I usually do, but a sleeping girl did get her mobile phone stolen out of her hand while she slept and woke up a few minutes later by which time her assailant had got off. But at least nobody tried to stab anyone else.

Chris has tried to assuage my public safety fears before by saying people very rarely actually get attacked, which I suppose is true, but I got mugged four times when I was growing up and it has left me a bit damaged. I'm still afraid of groups of 11-year old boys in the street, how ridiculous is that? They clearly wouldn't attack me, I'm twice their height, but the worst children know you can't actually do anything to them without getting arrested, so they can freely harass you, and that's just as bad. I hate the fact that after you've been mugged, YOU'RE the one who's left feeling stupid and ashamed. Anyway.

So then after too few hours sleep, we had a nice restaurant lunch, then trundled back to Brighton, and the weekend was over. And that clock continues to tick on, four weeks three days to M-Day now...

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