19 June 2008

Dresses and photography

I'm rather excited because I heard yesterday that our bridesmaids dresses have now arrived in the UK from China. They are at the factory-owner-lady's house in Swansea, and at some point are either going to be posted to us or to our chief bridesmaid Jennie. I hope they look good, the prototype they made up and sent over looked really nice.

They're a total bargain too, as they've been handmade to order, which presumably would cost quite a lot of money over here. They had to make them based on measurements the girls took themselves, so there's a chance they might need altering, but at least they've arrived five weeks before the event so there is time to sort that out if need be.

I hope that the girls don't end up looking better than we do... Although I suppose we're fortunate it will be less directly comparable than a bride with bridesmaids, and so we haven't needed to sabotage the bridesmaids by sticking them in tartan or whatever. Our hire suits are nice, but obviously not tailor made or anything. We have the upside that our suits don't belong to us, and are insured for accidental damage, so we don't need to worry about random spillages or whatever. If the girls want to keep their dresses for anything else, they're going to have to behave in them!

I'm also quite excited about the new camera I bought at the weekend. It's a point and shoot digital one, not an SLR one or anything, but it's really good and it lets you control loads of the aperture and exposure settings and things. I've been saying for a while that I might like to get "into photography" but that I'd need a better camera to do so. So now I've got one I guess I should start taking some pictures! I might see if I can find a nice book that explains about light and composition and things, and also what the different settings on a camera actually do for you.

I'm not quite sure what it is exactly that I want to photograph in my new-found and possibly short-lived interest in photography, but I expect I'll start off with some interesting macro shots and sunsets and things.

We had a semi-controversial photography competition in the office recently, to choose photos that people had taken to go up on our walls. It very quickly became apparent that people can have quite different opinions on what makes a nice photo, in the same way I suppose as people like different types of art. It did at least give me the chance to see lots of photos taken by other people though, to build up an idea of what I like.

And, for the record and in case it hasn't been made clear enough, no I do not like photos of dead rabbits with glassy staring eyes. I don't have a particular problem with the killing of rabbits if it's necessary to keep numbers down, but I don't think that it makes a nice photo. The same as I wouldn't poison loads of rats and then go around photographing their corpses.

I will try to put some of my photographic efforts up here from time to time. Dead animals are unlikely to feature.
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