02 July 2008

Wine and miniature clothes

It turns out that yes I am as cool as I thought I was, as I spent my Friday night drinking a bottle of wine I'd bought myself as a treat, and singing along loudly to the DVD of Moulin Rouge. And actually, as lame as that sounds, I had a really nice evening. I'm not really at home on my own that often, never for whole days at a time, so a bit of quiet time made a nice change. However, Chris is away again this weekend, at yet another stag do, this time for his brother. So I may find it a little harder amusing myself two weekends in a row.

I've actually got a three-day weekend this weekend, as I booked Monday off to use up some leave. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm going to be spending my day off waiting in for a stupid repair man to come round and fix our washing machine. It has developed a weird fault where it will quite happily wash clothes for all eternity without ever stopping, which is nice if you want very very clean clothes and don't mind if they have all the colour leached out of them and get shrunk down to Sylvanian Family size. Maybe it'll be a really hot repair man that comes round, topless with blue overalls tied off around his waist and blond hair. Or, more likely, it'll be a fat fifty-year old man in a paint-spattered brown cardigan and with a Just For Men comb-over.

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Anonymous said...

Sylvanian families! I had the caravan and the badger family and one day my Dad bought us the barge as a surprise present. Good times.