07 July 2008

Facepacks and foot spas

Saturday was my evening of facepacks and silliness with the girls, which was really fun. I bought an array of different facepacks, mud ones and gel ones and all sorts really, and Bar and Cath supplied various other bits and bobs. There were about eight of us in the end, and we sat around looking silly in facepacks and sipping bucks fizz while they worked their magic on our complexions. I really enjoyed myself, even if it was a terribly girly thing to do. I may even do it more often just as a special treat for myself...

Then we had some foul, foul shots from Somerfield (£2 for 10, so clearly they were high quality), which tasted like squash and petrol, before heading out for cocktails. We tried to go to Valentino's, which ended up being a waste of time as the bouncer helpfully decided he could let four us in but no more. In what world was that a helpful suggestion?? Oh yeah that's fine, four of us will just go home, cheers for that... So anyway, we went to Las Iguanas instead, where they were much less picky, and had a few cocktails and photographed our feet. And then later on we went to Funky Fish for a bit of a boogie.

The last couple of hours seemed to whizz past in a whirl of bad dancing, so I think I must have had more to drink than I thought, and suddenly I was waking up with a petrol-induced headache. All in all it was a very fun evening, I hope the girls all enjoyed themselves. And I wasn't sick, and didn't have to go home early to pass out, which was quite an achievement for me!

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